93 students from Lokelani Intermediate Schools visited the Kihei Boat Ramp on Monday morning as part of their SOS (Save our Shores) program. Lis Richardson visited with all of the students in their classrooms to explain about the importance of maintaining our coastal heritage. The KCA, and South Maui Volunteers work twice each year with another group of eight graders from Lokelani on projects at the boat ramp or Kamaole 3. Maysie Tam, the program coordinator added

“Our students showed energy and enthusiasm under the sweltering sun. They bucket brigaded mulch to lay on the pathways along the seashore. Some students carried 6 buckets at a time. The mountain of mulch was reduced to nothing in less than 90 minutes. They sickled overgrown weeds and clipped naupaka hedges of Kihei Boat Ramp. They raked and toted debris. They wheel barreled loads of white coral cast up on the sand to edge the trails. Our students charged the chores. They gave their heart to making our world better.
We are so proud to be Lokelani.”

Malama pono,
Maysie Tam
Lokelani Intermediate School

Lokelani Intermediate School workday at Kihei Boat Ramp 044.JPG