UPDATE:  No evening meeting was annouced on 11/20/12.

The County Council’s General Plan Committee is moving the final version of the entire Island Plan to the Full Council for a vote of approval before the end of the year. On Tuesday November 27, in the Council Chambers at 9:00 AM,  there will be a public hearing to allow for public input. Do you plan to attend & voice your comments? Would you do so if the Council held a public meeting in Kihei in the early evening? Some residents  requested the Council make that change when the meeting location and time is finalized this Tuesday, 11/20/12. If you want this done, you can make your request via email to County.Clerk@mauicounty.us. In addition you may include any other changes you want. KCA is requesting removal the of?additional 390 acres from Makena urbanization.