Kihei needs the help of a few good men, and women.

The KCA and other groups are currently working with Community Work Day to help clear out the invasive plants from the watershed area around La’ie wetlands, just south of St. Theresa’s Catholic Church.

This is one of the last remaining wetland reserves in South Maui and it is threatened by development and contaminant overloading.  Wetlands serve as a filtration system to prevent toxins from entering the ocean and harming our reef and wildlife.

Whenever it rains, or we have water runoff,  thriving wetland areas are able to process and degrade contaminants.  By removing invasive species from the wetland areas, including the water surface, we are able to increase the native plant populations in the area and also encourage the native bird populations to return.

Community Work Day Program has designed a system to remove the invasives from the watershed and they need our help.  The current one-workday-a-month is not staying ahead of the waterborne growth.  This is very labor intensive work since it all has to be done by hand and the few existing native plants have to be left unharmed.

CWD would like the KCA to help organize a 2-3 half days/week program for the next few weeks.  If you are interested in helping, or if you have a group of able bodied volunteers that could assist on 2-3 early mornings per week, please contact Kevin Jones from CWD at 757-0714 for scheduling.  Of course you can call Bob Richardson at KCA for assistance also, 264-1798.