This morning (5/27/14), your Association submitted testimony to the County Council regarding land use changes necessary to continued forward movement to the proposed HDOE Kihei High School.









“While our Association strongly supports the land use changes before the Council to facilitate the ultimate construction of the Department of Education’s KHS, after decades of waiting, we wish to insure that all facets are done in the best way. We have continued communication with the State Department of Education and Transportation, as well as the County DPW on transportation issues and concerns for pedestrian and bicycling safety so families are encouraged for kids to walk and bicycle to school for all the obvious advantages.

However our concern today, which may be affected by the land use changes, is agriculture. Council members are certainly aware of the school garden projects which have blossomed at the Kihei schools under the marvelous guidance of the non profit, “Grow Some Good.” As children mature and move on to high school, we want to insure progress in this area is not extinguished, but accelerated, as the opportunity to grow from gardens to farming, with the potential inclusion of a working farm on the grounds of the new high school can be established. While the DOE is the agency to have something of this nature included in the KHS plans, we ask this body to insure that going from AG to public would not prohibit or inhibit establishment of a working farm by changing the land use classification.

Our community advocates good practices for the heath of the younger generation through physical activity and proper nutritional diet. Meanwhile we strive to make it more self sustaining so we lessen the dependence on off island sources of food. Let us insure that all of these concepts are included in the planning of the long awaited Kihei High school in South Maui. Let us be sure that these land use changes are done properly, so next year the State does not say no working farm at the KHS due to improper zoning.”





We concluded our comments on this topic with support for next testifier, our director,and winner of the 2013 KCA Willi Willi Warrior Award, Andrew Beerer, speaking for Kihei High School Action Team (KHAT.)



































We also clarified out prior testimony to the Council concerning the MIP back on May 14.

We were unable to remain for the meeting to hear discussion and decisions, but the Maui News report will offer a professional report on May 28,2014.