The community meeting on March 20 at 6:30 PM at the Charter Middle School at 41 E Lipoa is a “garden party,” concerning growing our own food. We have repeatedly heard of the food limit we have on Maui, e.g., 90 % is imported, less than a week’s supply, etc. This severe limitation is just a single reason for food gardens in Kihei and all over our island.

 Kirk Surry of Grow Some Good, formerly called South Maui School Gardens Project, leads the  group which expanded beyond Kihei Schools,  advising how to achieve home gardens and community gardens as well, and going Island wide. To verify their work, come early to sample some nutritious locally grown produce at the meeting, while learning how they operate..

Kathy Becklin, Nio Kindla, Kerry O’Bryan Wilkins along with Surry, will share gardening tips and recipes, discuss the outlook for regional school and community gardens, how to start a nonprofit to fund your projects, guerilla gardening and more.

“Come early! ‘Project: Plant It!’ volunteers will share ready-to-transplant organic and heirloom garden starts and give advice on caring for them,” says Surry..” Learn South Maui-specific gardening tips and sample healthy snacks made fresh from Kihei El and Lokelani school gardens,” he concludes.

KCA’s Maui Food Bank campaign continues, and while volume was down last month, you’re encouraged to overtake our record January donation at this meeting

Doors open at 6:00 PM for pupu and talk story.Call 879-5390. IMG_1097.JPG

The April 17 meeting will examine the status on the Maui  Island Plan.