While KCA was very pleased and thankful to Charlene Shibuya for arranging a teleconference meeting between KCA Board & Planning Committee members at the Kahului office of the DOT yesterday (9/12/12) afternoon,with Jadine Uraski, Deptuty Director; Alvin Takeshita, Highway Administrator; Dean Nakagawa, Planner; and Ken Tatauguchi, Highway Planning Branch Head, all on Oahu, we were dissatisfied and disappointed with the results of the meeting. Our request for the meeting was to hear the HDOT’s Regional Transportation Forecast for South Maui (Pi’lani Hwy,) and to arrange a KCA public Community Meeting with decision making officials to answer the members questions concerning Pi’ilani Hwy plans in response for all this proposed  developments in South Maui, but we did not get the requested information about the Forecast, and after repeated requests for the Maui meeting being dissuaded, our understanding was there will be no such meeting.

Cary Yamashita of the County Depatrment of Public works also attended, as did Freddy Cajigal, Regional Engenieer on Maui for HDOT.