OK. So you’re driving south along the Pi’ilani highway passing the Kaonoulu Estates development on the makai side, and as you past Kaonulu Rd and there are no buildings, you glance to catch the ocean view, but it is spoiled by an open field filled with all kine rubbish which has lingered there for several years. Last month there was a fire in the south part of the field along the Kulanihakoi gulch.  See:https://www.gokihei.org/hot-topics/kulanihakoi-gulch-fires-threatens-north-kihei-homes-this-afternoon .

For years you Association attempted to get the local land owners to clear and clean to no avail. Recently we were advised the land was sold to a mainland corporation, Pacific West Communities (PWC), so we asked them to be pono and take the long awaited action, even though any development plans were years way. Boom! They jumped on it and were hard at it this afternoon (5/29/14).

KCA offers a big mahalo to PWC and their Maui agent Chris Hart & Partners (CHP) for being good stewards of the aina