County Code Violated by County Government?

When our community learned that Ulua Beach Park has been clear cut of all trees earlier this year, the outcry was how could this happen with no public knowledge? Now it appears that correct procedures were not followed by administration officials. Maui County Arborists Committee, chaired by Jordan Hart for the last time, after five years of dedicated service, advised in their monthly meeting on Wednesday (3/14/12) afternoon, that in spite of clear direction in County Code, they were never given opportunity to review and provide comment before all the trees were removed from this County property. While the Committee functions under the Parks Department, which seems contrary to Hawaii State Law, apparently it is the responsibility of the Planning Department to advise this committee of any landscape projects in public parks, and this did not happen in this instance. It is unclear what repercussions might transpire as a result of this failure to follow the Code.


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3 Responses to “County Code Violated by County Government?”

  1. Is this really true? Unbelievable! I know I am rather new to Maui (2 years) but almost every day when I visit your website, my jaw drops!

  2. Concerned citizens on the KCA Tree Committee should be commended for exposing this. Kudos for not backing down, in spite of the misguided verbal attacks from some of the other “power players”.

  3. Thanks, Mike, for writing on this topic here on the KCA website. Maybe more folks will be inspired to voice their concerns and ask vital questions before county green space assests are ruthlessly destroyed. The excuse of needing more parking spaces does not justify nor give permission to allow developers or the county to destrooy our street trees. There are alternatives and shame on us if we don’t help our county leaders learn about new ways to save trees. And drains too. An attitude of “well, the trees are already gone so what can be done?” increases the probability that it will happen again and again. Please call or write our county leaders and voice how you feel about the destruction at Ulua.
    Its never too late to speak up.