The long awaited Maui County Council meeting on the Maui Island Plan (MIP) began with about one hour of “ceremonials,” before public testimony commenced about 10:00 AM today (12/7/12,) with nearly forty testifiers. Included was your Association, asking to move the 396 acre parcel at Makena outside the urban grown boundary. Testimony continued into the afternoon, and after the lunch break, the Council addressed some other issues, but adjourned at 3:30 without any discussion of the MIP. An added feature of today’s meeting was “remote access” by telephone  offered to Hana, Lanai and Molokai to afford residents of those areas a way to submit live oral testimony from their locations. The meeting will resume at 9:00 AM Monday (12/10/12) for the deliberations and decisions, but no more public input. For a detailed professional report of the meeting, see the Maui News:–Restoring-green-space-in-plan-would-be-a-nice-gift.html?nav=10