Minimal local rainfall means little when you sit at low end of the stream.IMG_4051 IMG_4058 IMG_4053 IMG_4050 IMG_4057 IMG_4052 IMG_4054


Most observations demonstrate that the first area to flood in Kihei is Kaonoulu & SKR, partially because of overflow of Kulanihakoi gulch. So once again even though it rained much harder south of there in the Southern areas of Maui Meadows late Thursday afternoon, and one stream overflowed the culvert turning Kumulani into a stream, and parts of the fire break between M Meadows and Wailea 670 flooded, pouring onto Pi’ilani highway through seams in the rocks along the highway, it was the area of the fishpond and HIHWNMS that received the brown water alert form DOH-CWB (SEE