IMG_0031IMG_00127/24/16  If you missed it  or want to review segments, be at your TV or computer device at 9 PM this evening for the KCA Election Forum for South Maui Candidates, both state and county, recorded by the good folks at Akaku, Maui Community Media, past Tuesday evening.  Ballots are in the mail; get ready to make informed decisions.


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  1. I as Candidate for Our South Maui District County Council Seat, And “A New Choice for YOUR VOICE”
    Ask You To Go To Electjerrymetcalfe.Org WWW To
    View and Read My 30 reasons To vote for me, as I hate the Latter in 2018 To state: “I Told YOU…SO !
    As I’m not part of Coalition, nor party, I’m self Funded to keep me, for You Non-Bought, Clear, of influence. I have the most executive, business Experience, to Assist Our ever increasing Business Influence, assistencve to those in around Kihei, Etc. and rest of Isle, Emphasis To My Goal of synergy of New Duel-Economy’s Aggriculture, Farming-All its “Eco-Farm, Organics, Reular, the Spin offs We’ll attain, for Independent Entrepenuers- of “show Me !” Tourisms, and add’ll off shoots of our trade-AGG Products from Farmers to Retail, to exporting- to A trully Sustainable BUSINESS Model, Micro- To_ MACRO-Its A Win, Win, This Brings Jobs, High Pay, Sustainability- enhancements, to FARMERS, and Start-ups, that will afford -Affordable housing because A Farmer can Earn, to Make it thru hoops to A mortgage, credit Ratings, etc, We Give Us, as Locals of Maui-Its Isles a new Chance, Opportunities To diversified Eco-Environmental Impacts to return of our Isle To the People, and So we as Envisioned ARE SELF sustaining… for Our Keiki…All A win, win wort fighting for as I can negotiate, attain needed Acres for Kihei, and rest of isles..(s)
    For conservational Farming… local foods, at affordable prices, but the export of such is Multi-cultured (TRADING) for Profits to all in Business Model..OK?
    Because I, beleive in assisting, consulting for such new paradyms, It Grows Our ALL SOUTHSIDE business’s As Ill have OFFICE, in Kihei,To Be accessable, I have Demands to present to All councilmembers- That of Lets Get our Waste-Sludge-“Shit”, waste water New infra-Structure Started, or Ill Tourist Industry, once world find out our Waste water due to “injection Wells” Are Leaching the 100 times exceptable, “clean-Expelled Alledged Waters, INTO OUR OCEAN, its Shores, destroying Why People visit us, if ya can’t walk the Beach, Swqim thje Waters Whats reason to Visit here, to see Damaged, infected Ocean Reefs, Fish, Turtles, if the Suits, due to EPA: standards NOT met, We must Address this NOW ! See add’l reasons By reading 30 reasons to vote for TIGER METCALFE, because I have A Plan, And Affordable Solutions To any, Antiquated Mgt, of such Sewage treatments, as I’d Make A Sellable product of our Sludge, called Pellets, to use on our new aggricultural farmed sustainable crops givuing add’l sustinaince, Profitability… in My Cycle-System of NEW Farming , Technologies as well as In case of Water Issues, as there is We build, pilot Desalination Plant, so we can once again, let our Farmers, population utilise, see our streams run free of diversions, by corporate Illicit use, permits.
    I have more , for you of perspectives..
    VOTE FOR TIGER AS ILL USE IN 2018, when Termed out Don Couch, is Gone toSay “I Told you So”
    as I’ll be the only candidate that had true Vision…Foir Us Downwind, of most on Isle, but at the greatest Areas of Insights to our populations, business with common sence fortitude to be given Chance, to be you Choice For your Voice. Respectfully Tiger Metcalfe
    Watch all Q & As, asked, discussed, on All interviews, Shows, Debates as I have stern Facts, And not rehearsed, replys that are sound. on My web, or go to u-Tube seek Me out ! I will say No to wasted long term, ineffective , projects that are proposed, when we should modernise all public services to visioned FUTURE.

  2. I don’t need Moderation, we needProgressive Stance…. Let Thast moderate All, as well be swimming in clean ocean waters, and proud of it, as we can say WE did something about it, unless you want to bottle sewage Waste Waters…1?
    Save it for use in war !