UPDATE Last evening, (4/2/15) we attended the Council’s Committee hearing at KCC concerning the FY 2016 County budget, which they received from the Administration last week We were very disappointed with the Mayor’s proposed document, in light of the response to our public request last October, as we limited our testimony to DPW requesting going forward with the N-S Collector Road’s numerous missing segments across Kihei, asking minimally for a green way to accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists safe transit and at least beginning a 2 lane vehicle roadway interconnecting any two of the existing segments . But NONE of this is up for the 2016 FY. While they are some future ones over next five years, this has been the history this century and before: delay, postpone, etc. Thus we continue along the same path (or lack of one), full of reasons why “no can.”

So we appealed to the Budget & Finance Committee to see what adjustments they can make to DO SOMETHING in the upcoming fiscal year to get something built somewhere going north-south in Kihei, be it a road, a bike lane, a sidewalk, or a greenway.

Beyond that we asked the Committee to support the proposed funding for the very long overdue gym in the Community Park.

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Ready or not, here it comes and will be coming to Kihei very soon

Many of you are well aware of this annual exercise in our County. Toward the end of March, the Administration presents the annual budget, which takes effect on July 1, to the public and the County Council. The document was months in composing, based partially on input from the Community in a series of public meetings throughout the county. The Kihei one was October 6, 2014 SEE:



The Administration has announced the budget will be released this Tuesday 3/24/15 at 2:00 PM by Mayor Arakawa in his conference room on the ninth floor. Afterward Budget Director Sandy Baz will answer questions from attendees.











For South Maui residents, the next step in the process will occur the following week, on Thursday April second at 6:00 PM at the Community Center, when Councilman Riki Hokama will conduct his Budget and Finance Committee (BFC) hearing to accept input from the community on any and all aspects of the budget.

Rikki Hokama 1st testifier, Hokama






KCA has consistently participated in this process in an attempt to have our area receive proportional financial consideration with questionable results. We encourage our community to attend to voice you feelings and opinion. We further remind everyone this BFC will be conducting daily meets at the Council Chambers on the eight floor for the next few months, as most other Council business ceases, so there is ample future opportunity to address this Committee.

It is seemingly most effective to testify when your topic of concern is being addressed by the Committee. Check with you Council representative for guidance and timing