UPDATE 10/7/14 While we were unable to be present for the 500 PM commencement, upon arriving at 5:30, the Administration’s team outnumbered those attending at last evening’s (10/6/14) 2015 budget meeting presented by Mayor Arakawa. The announced new format of testifiers meeting directly one on one with specific department representatives seemed well received.








You Association limited our input to the Department of Public Works (DPW), addressing our long time concern for a walkable bikeable community in general & in particular a greenway extending across Kihei in the North South Collector road corridor, and building this two lane road with accompanying sidewalks and bike paths at some point. Deputy Director Rowena Dagdag-Andaya was very receptive, IMG_8991











 (just kidding!!!- we were being silly)   & Council member Don Couch chose to sit in on the conversation.


Budget Director Sandy Baz closed out the meeting with a laundry list of concerns offered by the testifiersIMG_8994










9/14/14   Sometimes it seems our annual County budget process takes several months to proceed, develop and finalize, then as soon as it takes effect, here come the process for the next year’s one. Well it was July 1, 2014 when our current budget took effect and now just two month’s later, the regional hearings by the Administration are announced. WHEW!

The Administration states “community…problems and issues that need to be addressed… and to have an understanding, meetings are scheduled.” The one for South Maui is set for Monday, October 6 at the usual location, Kihei Community Center , at 5:00 PM. It is our understanding that there may be a format change this year, in that rather than have citizens addressing the Mayor and representatives of all departments in a public forum, individuals may directly communicate with the appropriate department director or his staff.

This will begin the budget process, continuing when County Council receives the mayor’s budget and has its own public forums, likely in April of 2015



KCA has submitted our concerns at this forum every year.





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