Tuesday’s Community Meeting Focuses on General Election

On Tuesday (10/21/14) at the Kihei Charter Middle School (41 E Lipoa) at 6:30 PM, KCA welcomes six Maui County Candidates for three offices in a forum for those who are registered, and do vote. For County Council, we have Kahului’s incumbent Don Guzman & returning “termed out” former Councilmen Joe Pontinella; South Maui incumbent Don Couch and first time candidate John Fitzpatrick: and the Mayor’s contest with Alan Arakawa going for a (split) third term, with Ocean Safety Officer Tamara Paltin.

Doors open at 6:00 PM Come early to meet & greet the candidates, and get a bite to eat. KCA’s Maui Food Bank drive continues. Remember those keiki and kupuna going to bed hungry tonight on Maui.

The Association is an all volunteer non profit with no government funding. Consider becoming a supporting member. More information, call ( 508) 499-9IMG_9001996.IMG_2360IMG_8627IMG_8329OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIMG_8849


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6 Responses to “Tuesday’s Community Meeting Focuses on General Election”

  1. Why does the candidates forum only include 2 council seats? As you are aware, council members are elected at large, so why doesn’t the forum include all the candidates? I have heard that Mike Moran made the decision based on his personal opinions.

  2. Wow, what an interesting comment, Madge. I would think someone of your experience would not rely on something you “heard,” but would go to the source to determine reason for some action. You have called me often enough in the past, so you must have my number. If you lost it, yes, I am still listed in the phone book.
    Had you tried that reasonable route, I would have told you that ALL KCA decisions are made by our Board, as dictated by our by laws. Had you ever participated with KCA, after all your years of living in Kihei, you would have heard it stated and written how strongly KCA encourages our members & guests how vital it is to vote for all nine Council members , since each one has the same power & authority to make decisions that affect Kihei, all of South Maui, and the entire County.
    If we were to include all sixteen Council candidates as you suggest, how many minutes (or seconds) would allow each of the sixteen (eighteen, unless you are proposed we eliminate the two mayoral candidates) to address the assembly, & to answer a question?
    In prior years we did attempt meetings with numerous candidates, using a round robin method, but were challenged with the very limited amount of time allowed for each one, and suggestions were offered to have fewer candidates for more exposure to those included.
    The solution seems to be that instead of criticizing all the volunteers who are doing something, get involved with volunteer groups to have more forums offering a variety of candidates. The more oars in the water, the better to propel the canoe. Aloha

  3. Gee, Mike, I thought I was going to the source! I heard the comment about you making the decision from a KCA member, so there is a perception out there……
    From what you are saying, the KCA board made a decision to accept a slice instead of the whole loaf, by inviting 6 candidates to attend the KCA forum instead of all the candidates. It takes a huge commitment to run for public office, and I am grateful to all who make that decision, whether I agree with them on issues or not. By choosing to exclude the majority and “to offer fewer candidates for more exposure to those included” screams unfairness and bias. How was the decision made as to who would be the “chosen few”? Your response never got around to that answer.
    Clearly, this exclusionary practice is not reflective of the feelings of the residents of Kihei.
    Will an announcement be made to the audience as to why these candidates were selected? With those not invited, be sent a letter explaining why they were excluded? Was simply not having a forum considered? Why not a election fair where all candidates could set up tables and the community could meet them one on one?
    As to my volunteering, I make my decisions based on greater benefit–where my efforts would do the most good. That has run the gamut from Maui Meadows Neighborhood Association for many years, thru serving as chair of Governor Lingle’s Maui Advisory Council for eight years, Reapportionment Commission to project manager for the Hana dialysis home. I have not become involved in KCA because I have found that it often embraces issues which are not of broad community interest. This candidate forum reinforces that opinion.
    One last item, I asked a simple question and what I got back was not an answer but a “spin” on your part that I was criticizing the KCA Board. Your comments were disrespectful and sarcastic. It made the “aloha” insincere.

  4. Really, Madge, Really!?
    Let me get this right. You now speak for for the “residents of Kihei.” All the years living in Kihei, you chose NOT to be involved because “KCA often embraces issues which are not of broad community support.” What do you base this on beyond your personal opinion?
    And writing this latest, you choose to use the term “spin.” Really?
    And you then decide to suggest how KCA should operate, even though you choose to take no actions of support. You choose not to be involved, but expect the Association should disregard the opinion of the the vast majority of members, volunteers, committee members and their elected board of directors.
    Since the issue now sounds very important to you that you criticize an all volunteer non profit organization for continuing to take positive actions, perhaps you can take some action to put your grand plans for a different forum into action.

  5. more “spin” and still not answering the basic questions……….
    Your creditability sinks.

  6. Somehow the personal opinion of the community volunteers and their actions to inform the community about several candidates in the upcoming election, by one who takes no action to participate, except stand on the side & criticize their participation, does not mean much.