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Perhaps it was because there will be no meeting in April, or that it was St Patrick’s Day or the topic and presenters, but about seventy guys showed for our general membership meeting last evening to hear about the coral reef and water quality situation in Maalaea Bay.

Robin Knox, Darla White and “Fitz” Fitzpatrick each offered a healthy presentation before the floor was opened,for questions. The trio’s coordinated effort concentrated on particular areas of concern, and offered reinforcement rather than repetition. Each presented an interrelated power point continually commanding audience attention. After that final presentation by Robin, her two cohorts joined her at the table atop the stage and fielded a variety of questions, right to the end , & overflowed outside the room.

Again, KCA has reverted to general membership meeting every other month, so next is May 19 for an update on the Kihei Charter School system, including their three schools covering K-12, as well as a HI State Legislature update for the 2015 session from our elected State Officials.                                                                                                                                                                       IMG_0423 IMG_0425 IMG_0427       IMG_0405 IMG_0461 IMG_0462 IMG_0470IMG_0473 IMG_0477 IMG_0478IMG_0480 IMG_0482 IMG_0483IMG_0484 IMG_0486 IMG_0488IMG_0414 IMG_0418

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