Did we peak too soon? We’ll find out in March

Last evening’s (1/17/17) general membership meeting brought out about seventy interested guys. Was it to hear the first Council report from new elected Councilor Kelly King? Or to find out if Kihei may possibly get the long-promised gym this year? or the High School this decade? (sadly probably neither) Maybe to find out HOW MANY?? schools participate with Grow Some Good gardens? Or was it the Whale in the room- the KCA proposed study of the status of the kai in South Maui. Maybe some of each? But it was a lot of information on our area, and we thank all the presenters.

It is impossible to offer all of this information in a summary, and when we have no media coverage, unless you participle, you miss out. So plan for March 21. But briefly

Kelly King addressed:

**Makena Resort – requiring an Environmental Impact Statement

**Maui Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) – decide which streets to improve based on their condition and use, not on whether they are state or county.

**North-South Collector Road – is one of the MPO’s listed priorities.

** Questioned the Administration’s current decision to pay an executive to determine board and commission nominees, when previously an unpaid citizens group did this function successfully.

**Homeless concerns in South Maui

and much more.

Grow Some Good  see http://growsomegood.org/ mentioned their upcoming annual event on March 4.

Long time KCA Director Andrew Beerer stepped up to advise details of the KHS and the County proposed gym in lieu of an official from the Parks Department or the State DOE.

Neil Rhoads offered a slide presentation giving some initial learnings from the marine water quality study.

In addition last evening was the first mention of a booth at Whale Day at Kalama park on February 18, where the Water Quality Working Group – the ad hoc group seeking the funds for the study – is seeking volunteers to man the booth for two hour shifts at the festive event. If you can help, please let us know.

Next meeting is March 21. Don’t miss it.