Our first 2014 general membership meeting last night (1/21/14) saw guys in rapt attention to the two guests explaining our area’s coastal erosion. Coastal Geologist Tara Owens from UH and County Planner Jim Buika coordinated a interesting informative presentation to our community on this vital topic. Their joint pleasant personalities smoothed the way to very unpleasant information about the likely and potential future of our coastline, as well as nearby structures. With accompanying pictures of some areas of South Maui coastline, as well as other spots around the island & state, in various levels of decay & degradation, they explained not only what and why it happens, but what can be done to at least prevent further continuation in other areas of our shoreline.

You can also see they offered numerous examples on ocean-side improvements, with kudos to Hoaloha’aina (See link on this website.) The two geologists performed very well together switching back and forth leading the powerpoint offerings, and answering. audience questions.

Look for a professional report of the meeting in the Maui Weekly soon.


Our February 18 meeting will welcome our Kihei division of the MPD. You have certainly seen the new facility on the hill. Is this helping our area be safer and more secure. Bring you questions and your Maui Food Bank donations. Same place and time; 6:30 at the Charter Middle School, 41 E. Lipoa.

NOTE   Due to technical difficulties, Pix from meeting are not yet available.



Jim Buika MC Planner

Jim Buika MC Planner