UPDATE!  1/30/14-  The County Council’s Land Use Committee will accept community input on this project this Wednesday Feb 5 at 130 PM in Council Chambers. For the project to proceed the full Council must vote to allow the Kihei Makena Community Plan to be amended and a change in zoning approved. Whatever this committee decides will very likely be followed by the full Council. You can speak in person, or submit your thoughts via email to  lu.committee@mauicounty.us .

Yesterday(12/18/13), the County Council’s Land Use Committee (LUC) under the direction of Bob Carroll held a regular committee meeting “on the road” in Kihei at the Lokelani school at 5:00 PM concerning A & B’s 600 unit residential project proposed mauka of the highway off Kaiwahine. As with all Council meetings, there was an opportunity for public input to the committee at the meeting. The Association believe holding the meeting here in Kihei for a project which would be located in Kihei is a positive step.

KCA team did have presence for the entire meeting. The question before the LUC was whether to allow a community plan amendment and change in zoning to permit this type of project to proceed. Ultimately the LUC took no action after accepting almost one hour of public testimony, and numerous question from the members of the A & B representatives.

This meeting was preceded by a LUC site visit at 2:00 PM off Kaiwahine near the enterance to Kihei.

Look for a professional report of the meeting in the Maui News .