The November 17th meeting focused on Education in South Maui. The last 2009 community meeting went out on a high note with the largest audience, the largest panel presentation and the largest donation for the Food Bank. Group 70 from Oahu presented the proposed Kihei High School plans as part of the pre-EIS process.

A panel of distinguished guests spoke to the strategies surrounding “Furlough Fridays” and other issues facing our local schools. The panel offered a well balanced presentation on this hot issue. The panelists included Mary Cochran (BOE representative), Bruce Anderson (DOE Superintendent), Barry Wurst (HSTA negotiator), Senator Roz Baker, Gene Zarro (Kihei Charter School), Yvonne Biegel (Kamali’i Parent) and Bridget Bunting (Kihei Elem. PTA).

Please read the 11/19/09 Maui News article for detailed professional report.

Please read the 11/26/09 Maui Weekly article for detailed professional report.

Click here to download our “Education in South Maui” newsletter. Featuring an update on the DOE Kihei Public High School. Updates on Furlough Fridays, Budget Cuts, and Lost Class Time. Features interviews with our legislators and 4 South Maui school principals/directors. Hear their strategies for mitigating the negative effects of budget cuts, status of waiver day/bell schedule change requests, and positive things happening in our schools. A must read for all who are concerned about our childrens education.

Click here to download our “Education in South Maui” newsletter.

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