Kihei Charter School students rallied for another “volunteer” day recently. They had left an early morning message with the Kihei Community Association saying, “They graffitied our bunker on the Mokulele again and we want to fix it”. The KCA contacted Bobby Motooka from HC&S for permission to enter their property and repaint the bunker, and placed a call to Community Work Day Program for the paint and supplies. Within a week of the original call the bunker on the Mokulele was repainted by 21 Kihei Charter School students. As the students worked, their on the scene lesson was “if it is not your property or if you don’t have permission, then your markings of any kind are vandalism and graffiti and it doesn’t matter how good you think it looks”. All of the kids responded with shaka and waves to all of the passing cars and trucks on the Mokulele as they honked their approval for the work in progress.

Mahalo to the students and staff from KCS for taking ownership of this part of the island and for doing it in the right way.