3/22/2022 #kihei #maui #countycouncil #budget

Councilmember Kelly T. King will hold a Town Hall on Wednesday, March 30, from 6-8pm, on the BlueJeans videoconferencing platform, to hear your ideas for County funding priorities. As the South Maui residency area councilmember, CM King will especially be interested to hear about proposals that impact South Maui. As the Climate Action, Resilience, and Environment Committee Chair she is also interested in proposals related to that subject matter. However, she is open to hearing broader, county-wide ideas.

Each attendee will have three minutes to discuss their proposal, priorities, and/or funding ideas. The order of testifiers will be determined first-come, first-served. If time runs out during your three minutes, you may move to the end of the queue to provide a second three-minute pitch for your funding ideas.

Join the meeting remotely at this URL: