12/7/2021   #kihei

Midday today the clean up continued in the area of  Kenolio Park, as parts of Uwapo, Kenolio and South Kihei Road remained closed, and the park was covered with water. Hawaii News Now’s Chelsea Davis conducted interviews at the location with KCA and others.  Overhead videos from Maui County offer a wide perspective of the area.

Drone over South Maui after the storm:

Aerial view of the flood/mud situation around South Kihei Road and Kaonoulu: https://youtu.be/MIXkBhZk8h0

Erosion of South Kihei Road makai, South of Uwapo across from Kenolio Park exposing infrastructure

County workers labor to clear debris South Kihei Road at Uwapo caused by river overflow between Uwapo and North Kihei Road

Video journalist Chelsea Davis of Hawaii News Now conducts interviews from the beach across from Kenolio Park

Park fields and dog parks covered with water and who knows what

Retired geologist answers to explain what happened here

Another eroded part of South Kihei Road in the area

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