12/6/21 #kihei

As much of the community has supported the State Land Use Commission condition for an off grade pedestrian crossing (meaning over or under, NOT across the highway) to access the new high school under construction in North Kihei, the practical preference was an underpass along the north edge of the Waipuilani River bank.

Some continue to ask what about when there is a severe rain event and the river flows. We got a few answers today.

  • One: all public schools were closed due to the storm, so if it were constructed, it would not be used in a severe rain event.
  • Next we can see if it was located along the top edge of the riverbank going under the Piilani Hwy, water flow does not reach anywhere near the top of the bridge. Further, if the water level rose much higher, the walkway would remain safely segregated by the constructed concrete wall built on the south edge of the path.