UPDATE 3/26/16  DATE HAS NOW BEEN CONFIRMED, Tues 4/5/16 at 6:00 PM at the Community Center on Lipoa

Each Spring the Maui County Council’s Budget & Finance Committee schedules a series of evening meetings in various communities to accept input concerning the next FY budget they have recently received from the Mayor. KCA has participated at these meetings all the time. Tentative date for this year is April 5.This Committee dominates the Council activity for over two months, closely examining the budget line by line.

While the Committee is legally bound to accept public testimony at all meetings, this meeting assists S Maui residents by not requiring travel into Wailuku, offering an evening meeting, and greatly reduces the parking issue for drivers.

Conversely this meeting does not address any specific part of the budget, so some believe it is more advantageous to submit testimony on an area of concern, when that is the exact item being discussed, even if is is less convenient. Or you can do both!  What you should NOT do is ignore the entire process, especially if you are concerned that  a fair portion of tax dollars are expended in South Maui for your priorities.