Who is looking out for our community health and welfare? NO ONE!

11/4/16 : We expect everyone is well aware of what we consider our highest priority. Some call it a vision statement (for future); others a mission statement (for present.), so maybe it is both, as it is what we expect both now and for the future.

e malama pono”…dedicated to protecting, sustaining and enhancing our ‘aina, kai and ‘ohana.

Of course these are interrelated. Caring for the land is a big part in caring for the near shore waters, and caring for both helps the well being of the community. Our upcoming (11/15) membership meeting concentrating on the kai, by examining what is occurring on the land as the root cause of pollution, ultimately can affect our health and welfare.

So at this time when this is our focus, we are extremely distressed to learn the the single individual responsible for monitoring the condition of the marine water on our island by the State Department of Health retired on Halloween, and currently no one is doing this vital required function.

We had numerous conversations with Roland- he was always just Roland, like a rock star with a solo name- friendly while performing a crucial need. We often expressed to him this should be the responsibility of more than a solo guy for the entire island. We wish him well in his retirement.

Our understanding is the department is currently looking for a temporary replacement to do the job while a permanent one is established, but this was not a sudden occurrence. Should not a replacement have been readied to step up on 11/1? Now likely tens of thousands guys enter the kai daily, as the Health Department procrastinates.

What can you do? Call the Governor. Call you State Representative and Senator. The Lieutenant Governor lives on Maui; is he aware? Tell them this is unacceptable, and you want it rectified.

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4 Responses to “Who is looking out for our community health and welfare? NO ONE!”

  1. What a shame, always enjoyed talking with him while he was taking samples at Kamaole 3 and assuring me the water was ok.
    On another note, just drove down Halama St and noticed a new subdivision being advertised, vacant property in the wetlands area, for development, in the Halama and Waiohuli St area. Is KCA monitoring this project. There seems to be at least 6 lots for sale in the wetlands, Do you know the status,legality of this project? Mahalo

  2. Mahalo for your comment
    and now there is no assurance of safety for anyone of any nearshore waters on Maui.
    On the other matter, while we have been aware of what has occurred at this South Kihei corner location where the lots have been prepped for building this year, as an all volunteer unfunded membership organization, it is impossible for us to monitor everything. The County Planning Department decided this is NOT a wetland area and that building there is perfectly legal. Our design review committee stands ready to conduct a smart growth scoring process SEE http://gokihei.org/developers-2 when a land owner/developer is ready

  3. Thanks for your input re. the wetlands development. Are you aware of any groups,individuals on Maui that do monitor wetlands. I know there was alot of community opposition when the Vet Clinic tried to change its zoning status and when the Wellness Clinic was proposed. If not the KCA, who is protecting, watching this type of development, and this one specifically?

  4. Of course there are several government entities that are charged with this function, such as state D L N & R and Federal Fish and Wildlife. On the County level, it is the Planning Department and its volunteer commission. Additionally in the administration, there is the environmental coordinator Rob Parsons. Outside of government, there are several volunteer environmental groups such as Maui Tomorrow and the Sierra Club, but we are unaware of any volunteer entity that explicitly monitors wetlands. Perhaps you could start one to do what you are requesting.
    KCA and some concerned neighborhood residents did testify before the MC Planning Commission concerning the Kihei Wellness Center earlier this year