11/2/16 Kalama Park, Kihei. This opening line in his song can have multiple interpretations, but on Maui where our weather seasons are not severe, for many the prime season is the “whale season,” usually staring in October. Then the holiday season, but in south Maui we see relationship between the two. Quite often in December we note that very quietly community minded Pauline Fiene places a huge lei around our Kalama Park whale.

SEE https://gokihei.org/?s=Whale+Sculpture&submit=Search

But this morning we see another very quiet community action which will set up the whale at its best for next month’s lei. Past KCA director and ever present KCA volunteer Jefferson Stillwell painstakingly giving the huge sculpture a fresh coat of paint. Take a close look. One solitary man with a paint brush taking on this huge figure only because he sees a need and a value to Kihei. No fanfare; no government action; no corporate support just a caring community volunteer stepping up. KCA salutes you Jefferson. Mahalo.

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