While we are often asked what actions of community interest are upcoming, our limitations of participating guys often comes down to doing something, or saying something, and the action always takes precedence. But if we can squeeze it in, on occasion we do public communication as well, to advise what is coming up

Monday, KCA will participate at the Alliance of Community Associations (Alliance) monthly meeting.

Tuesday morning has two County meetings of concern occurring at the same time, and we plan to testify at both

The Council’s Budget committee at the Council chambers lists a proposed budget amendment to fund the long awaited South Maui Transportation Plan, and we will be strongly advocating for its passage

Next door the Planning Commission has scheduled a hearing for Makena resort requesting comments for an environmental assessment . KCA plans to offer our input to the volunteer commissioners regarding our environmental concerns, and why there is no way to state it will have no significant impact. (Also, on 2/23/16 this Commission will have the next step on the Nani Loa Condo project in South Kihei so we expect to return for that)

Yep KCA will be in two places at once on Tuesday!!

Wednesday MECO has a public meeting in Kihei see

Thursday Our membership committees meets that morning for the first time this year, the Council’s Special committee on Governance assembles in the Council chambers in the afternoon, and Senator Baker is in Kihei this evening, see

Subject to change, we have Friday off