For years some segments in the Maui community have stated sunscreen is harming our coral reef system. Have they been right all along?

UPDATE  5/23/17  See Maui Now recent article for more information 

#kihei 4/18/17  Our conclusion concerning this issue: the prudent action is to follow the precautionary principal. Don’t use a suspicious product unless it is proven harmless, as there are reasonable alternatives.

First and foremost, use a SPF appropriate long sleeve rashguard. That immediately eliminates need for sunscreen protection for a large part of the body. Then for face and legs choose protection that does not contain oxybenzone. There are plenty of them, but you have to look, but just once. Once you find one, no more checking fine print.

But you do have to really look, not accept sales induced claims that product is “reef safe.” Who says it is?

After several bills in the 2017 State Legislature died, two unfortunately because Maui Rep McKelvey would not allow hearings in his committee, there is one remaining, SB 1150, and that merely would require UH to do a study, and yet business interests even object to that?

What does that tell you?

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Oxybenzone Free Sunscreens Better but still not reef safe ban toxic sunscreens Hawaii
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