5-21-17 #kihei  As the Maui Metropolitan Policy Organization (MPO) enters its second year this morning (it started 5/4/16), we have attended the majority of the meetings and observed plans and then modified plans, as can be expected. Bylaws have been established and then amended. With three of the seven board members being elected officials (County Council Members), election results can (and did) foster changes. Down the line in 2018 with the next election there will be a new mayor. The three administration county department directors could be replaced by the new mayor. That leaves the one State employee, DOT Director Ford Fuchigami (absent today).  So the cast of board members can and has changed. Today just six of the eight members were present while there were just eight guys in the audience, including two KCA directors.

Then there is the elected chair, DPW Director David Goode who remains so, but today once again selection of the Vice Chair was on the agenda. Our support was again for Kelly King, but Molokai resident rep Stacy Crivello was elected when nominated by Yuki Le Sugimura even though not present at the meeting.

Then there is the Maui Multimodal transportation Plan (KCA testified on that as well). With kudos to financial specialists Karen Tanakai, Executive Director Lauren Armstrong addressed the complex federal grants needed, as seemingly the majority of the MPO budget is based on those grants. We believe outside paid consultants compose the plans and this funding is needed.

As far as the Public Participation Plan, on which KCA offered prior input, the board approved it, but public action is now encouraged for naming specific requested projects (perhaps the North-South Collector Road!!!) via the MPO Web site.

The next meeting is set for June 22, 2017 at 9:00 AM back at the regular location.

Look for a professional report of the meeting in the Maui News, possibly tomorrow.

THE WEB SITE IS https://www.mauimpo.org/.