Much different from the last site visit in August, 2012 with entirely new cast of commissioners and entirely new site perspective.

#kihei 3/9/17  At 9:45 this morning a gathering of about 40 assembled outside the Community Center for transit up Ohukai Rd above the proposed project site to look down at the location.

The group consisted of about two thirds of the volunteer commissioners, at least two staff, the Texas based landowner Sarofim Realty Advisor’s Bob Poynor, their Maui-based named representative Charles Jencks, County Planner Ann Cua, Corporation Counsel Michael Hopper, two guys from Chris Hart Partners, and an assortment of community members including KCA. Shortly after 10:00 AM everyone was bused to the site

As stated, this is a totally different process from the prior site visit. conducted in August, 2012 (SEE

Of course what did remain the same is that the public could only watch and listen to the presentation to the Commission and their questions, not participate. One of the pertinent ones we heard was when was the required EIS to be completed and furnished to the Commission, which was in a few weeks, thus seemingly in April. This makes us wonder how could these commissioners find time to read and absorb an expected huge document for the next (May) meeting.

After all queries were addressed, the return trip commenced near 11:00 AM

That more formal hearing – where public testimony WILL be accepted – is scheduled for May 18, location TBA. Stay tuned.

Look for a professional report in the Maui News.