Stunning pictures of Kihei flooding

3/9/2017 #kihei #flooding

Thanks to Justin N Janelle Shaw for these drone pictures the morning of 3/8, the day after heavy rain all over the island. As in past storms, Kihei was unprepared and overwhelmed with insufficient drainage planning both mauka and makai of the highway. Cars were flooded and stranded, the ocean swamped with run-off.

Our County Council representative Kelly King reports having discussed this situation with Public Works Director David Goode and a couple of his engineers in the past week, and was told by each of them that there is nothing in their budget or under consideration any time soon to address the flooding situation on Halama Street. It’s time for Kihei residents to demand that the mayor allocate budget to finally resolve the drainage problems.

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2 Responses to “Stunning pictures of Kihei flooding”

  1. These pictures do not look like Halama Street… Looks like the gulch near Menehune Shores.

  2. We completely agree, as the heading states Kihei flooding. Kelly King’s comment addressed just one situation which was posed by Halama St residents.She is well aware, as are any of us who live, work or just travel though Kihei that it has widespread effect.