Wednesday, July 11 at 9:00 AM at the MACC, Haynes Room

7/6/18 #kihei
We plan to offer our mana’o to the volunteer commissioners as they conduct their meeting, including a status report on what is legally allowed on this huge plot of land. There is no assurance that any decision will be taken that morning.

The commission is expected to hear a proposed update from Harry Lake of Koa Partners, the stated representative of land owner Sarofim Realty of Dallas, Texas.

For KCA, our position remains that whatever is proposed here needs major support infrastructure, as our community plan states, concurrent with development. But we also see that a community plan amendment is a reasonable tool to achieve something better for our community.. So much has changed over decades.

Our community is united in seeing the prime need in development is housing for our residents, so truly affordable housing for the working class living here. A mix of rentals and purchased homes, possibly senior housing, which can be infused with some support businesses. Such development must have reasonable, safe connectivity to the high school, especially walking and bicycling away from the highway.

Here is link to the LUC meeting agenda: