UPDATE  11/27/18 We were pleased  this morning to note the Maui Planning Commission unanimously approved KIRC’s request for an SMA  permit for the project to proceed. Moreover, the fact that the Commission agreed with our concern about the proposed parking lot by adding a condition that it be designed with “low impact development concepts,” we believe the project is even better. Now onto the Ledge for $$,


9/11/18 #kihei Once again , executive director Mike Naho’opi’i contacted us to set up a meeting to inform us of their draft plans for an education and operations center. So our Design Review Committee (DRC) chair Randy Wagner did so this afternoon – just before the expected storm is set to descend.

We first met back on June 29–    SEE: https://gokihei.org/?s=kirc

for a preliminary introduction on their proposed project. So this afternoon, since they have already gone before the county Administration Urban Design Review Board (UDRB) and had media exposure on the meeting outcome, we heard more detail from Mike and the team as the next step in the process . We see this as an outstanding project, and we just offered a few tweaks, along with our appreciation. Their next step will be at the Maui County Planning Commission later this year; their legal posting for SMA permit request appeared in the Maui News on Wednesday.  KCA will support this request. Tthen they go to the State Ledge to begin looking for funding. Stay tuned!