11/28/18 #kihei
Commencing at 11:30 this morning, Kenyon Energy‘s photovoltaic farm of panels were blessed before a group of about forty, including a  quartet from KCA. We were most appreciative for the invitation, as the vast majority of those attending were related to the industry and partners in the electrical energy project – Maui Electric (MECO), the land owner, Haleakala Ranch as well as state legislators. In fact we were surprised there was no one we observed from Maui County Government.

The farm is located south east of the developed part of the R & T park, and would not normally be open for access by the public. You can get a perspective of the location from the picture of the rear of the new Kihei Charter School from the road leading to the farm.

Details of the project can be seen at: http://www.kenyonenergy.com/mauis-first-large-scale-solar-project-comes-online-in-south-maui/.