ChairMichael E. Champley, CommissionerLorraine H. Akiba, Commissioner

The State Public Utility Commission (PUC) has announced a public listening session to accept comments regarding “

Dkt. 2015-0022; Hawaiian Electric Companies and NextEra; Public Listening Session” at Lihikai Elementary School Cafeteria; 335 S. Papa Avenue, Kahului for Friday evening beginning at 6:00 PM and running to 9:00 (if necessary to hear all testifiers). We encourage everyone to testify on this important community concern, with Statewide implications.;&ind=&ot= Unfortunately we have heard some comments that since the mayor & governor have spoken in opposition, no need to do anything. We vehemently disagree. This will be an exclusive decision by the 3 Commissioners, and two of the three were not selected by our current Governor. You need to make you opinion known to them, & this is your opportunity to do so face to face
As a reminder what public testimony can accomplish I ask you to recall a PUC meeting almost 4 years ago, SEE : and that meeting was not about our major concern., but the public made it so. This one is. Be There!
KCA wishes to express our mahalo to our State Representative Kaniela Ing, who was the first to alert us to this Maui PUC meeting on our Facebook page.IMG_1277IMG_0885