UPDATE: 3/1/20- Since the mayor offered this information a week ago in the Maui News, we have had several inquiries for clarification. We have no answers, which is why we continue to call for the developer to have a public meeting in Kihei in the evening to inform the community and answer these concerns.

UPDATE 2/24/20   

Mayor Michael Victorino answers TODAY


 “Mahalo for your question and I can confirm that significant improvements are planned for a section of South Kihei Road. The road closure schedule has not yet been finalized pending coordination with the state Department of Transportation, but work is anticipated to begin in the spring.

The section is approximately 1,500 feet in length fronting the Maui Bay Villas site and is expected to be closed to through traffic for about 12 weeks. Both sides of South Kihei Road adjacent to the closed section will remain open to local traffic. The developer is coordinating the timing of the South Kihei Road improvements with the state’s traffic signal project on Piilani Highway to help facilitate traffic flow in the area during roadway construction activity.

The South Kihei Road improvements were reviewed and approved in accordance with its Special Management Area and Work On County Highway permit requirements.

The improvements include new curbs, crosswalks with flashing safety lights, bike lanes and sidewalks to support pedestrian safety. Other improvements include new gutters and underground drainage system, as well as a landscaped median along a portion of South Kihei Road to create greater separation between opposing lanes of traffic.

The project’s team is working with the county on the timing and logistics of the road closure, and plans to provide more information on closure dates, detours and other details once a start date is confirmed. My staff and our Public Works Department will continue to monitor this project to improve South Kihei Road for our local residents. For more information on the project, visit www.hgvmauibayvillas.com.”


UPDATE 2/14/20 As of today there is no set schedule for such a total closure, and alternatives will be examined by the County Public Works as we requested.

UPDATE (?) 1/31/20  Calling this an “update” may be questionable, as we have no new information. But since originally posting this over 1 month ago, we have numerous comments, questions and suggestions so we just state we have no new information. As soon as we do, we will have a factual update. We are disappointed that our suggestion to begin early public announcements have produced no action. KCA seems to be the only entity addressing this matter. As always, stay tuned


12/30/19 #kihei
Early in 2020 we expect over ½ mile of South Kihei Road (SKR) will be closed for months for construction of the time share project at the Maui Lu site at Kaonoulu in North Kihei.

At least we do have a very old segment of the North South Connector Road between Uwapo and Kaonoulu, so there is a marginal alternative along Kenolio, as well as the Hwy, but much of Kenolio is very narrow with no sidewalks.

We need to commence planning & educating so south bound traffic does not proceed along SKR coming from North Kihei Road for a few blocks only to find it does not continue. Otherwise they will pour up Uwapo, or Ohukai through residential areas onto narrow Kenolio most of which has no contiguous sidewalks. If the destination is anywhere south of Kaonoulu (Whale Sanctuary; Azeka and all points south) they need to be directed to use the Pi’ilani Highway.

Granted the Highway is already overtaxed, has its own construction issues, clogged signal controlled intersections (and pray for no closures when SKR is closed), but it is all we got .

As soon as we get estimated closure dates, we’ll update, but start getting prepared and spread the word. Stay tuned.