Techniques and Devices for “Traffic Calming” in South Maui

3/1/20 #kihei

There’s no doubt that slower vehicles make roads safer for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other motorists.

But what is the best way to persuade motorists to reduce speeds without creating traffic congestion?

“Traffic calming” techniques use physical devices to accomplish these goals. These physical devices help slow down traffic without forcing drivers to make a complete stop.

For example, speed humps, speed cushions, speed tables, and radar signs have all been shown to be effective at reducing vehicle speeds and drivers are not required to wait or make a complete stop.

Roundabouts also slow traffic and prevent, or at least greatly reduce, major accidents.

The Kihei Community Association has been a strong advocate for techniques like this since the 1990’s. We will continue this support in 2020.

The KCA was instrumental in  getting  the only roundabout in the county at Pi’ikea and Liloa, and the Association also called for a series of them at each intersection along Kaonoulu.

Recently, there had been a great chance for one at Alulike and Kaonoulu, but Maui County Public Works advised the public that the intersection was not large enough to construct a  proper roundabout unless private property was taken.

So, they are making the intersection more narrow by extending sidewalk area out into current roadway, which narrows the driving lane. 

Traffic engineers have found drivers reflexively drive slower when they have less width.

Construction continues this month.