You know Malama Maui Nui (MMN) ,which used to be called Community Work Day, right, still doing the marvelous environmental work. See

Then there is  La’ie Wetland Restoration Project see ,one of our favorite spots and one of their projects.

And everybody knows the Cub Scouts.

So this morning (3/25/16) all three together at the Wetlands just makai of SKR: Cub Scouts down the mountain from Makawao, volunteering with MMN to clean up the wetlands. Then when the works was pau, time for a little fishing. What a great Maui morning.

Looking for more volunteer opportunities beyond KCA? Reach out to MMN. Contact the very personable, dedicated Exec Director John P de Jesus and his team to see how you can help . Call 877-2524 or visit  

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