8/10/23 #kihei

While the Pulehu fire just mauka of Kihei is still burning this afternoon, with the winds decreasing and the united effort of a multi-faceted public private partnership led by our county firefighters, we seemed to be safe for now. Several areas mauka of the Pi’ilani Hwy had evacuation alerts starting Tuesday night and flames licking trees in yards indicating the danger.


Blacked branches just outside the fence line of Kaiwahine Villages in N. Kihei


With aircraft making water drops and huge dozers cutting firebreaks in the scrub land mauka Ohukai Rd., indications are that we may just have missed the catastrophes we see on Maui Island.



T J Gomeses heavy equipment unloaded from trailer and put to work on ranch land this afternoon mauka of Ohukai Rd.

We well remember the massive fire storm that began in Waikapu and spread across the Mahi Pono lands about five years ago, causing the Maui Humane Society shelter to be evacuated. That fire torched the open lands literally to the edge of Kaiwahine Village which was in the final stages of construction.




We saw Pete Sullivan there this afternoon, checking with the Gomeses guys. He did some heavy duty work Wednesday night closer to Kaiwaihine sector.


This scatter of debris (mostly old tires) along fence line near homes, made us shudder considering wild fires so close by





Green & black shows how close fire burned near fence line. No wonder there were evacuations



Back off fire! Here comes this big guy to cut you off


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