Don’t misunderstand, not everyone of the dozens of testifiers last evening at the Pomaikai Elementary School said no, but without a doubt only a single one said yes, and he was the spokesman for Castle & Cooke. (Note–We were only present for two hours, so we did not hear every testifier.)

Public Utility Commission (PUC) Chair Hermina Morita stated at the public meeting that the PUC’s position was neutral, and yet the two speakers for the Commission, Dr Jay Griffen and Mark Glick offered nary a word nor visual with anything negative about the proposed project of an under-ocean electric cable extending between Maui and Oahu. Then “Consumer Advocate” Jeffery Ono from Division of Hawaii Consumer Affairs seemed to be in favor as well, but Morita said the Commission was there to hear from the public, which began with County Council-member Riki Hokama, followed by a series of guys who were not pleased. (KCA has taken no position at this time)

Hokama was not the only Council-member present, as we observed Elle Cochran and Stacy Crivello, and South Maui’s Don Couch appeared briefly as well

Media coverage extended from Maui News to Maui TV News, and complete coverage by the team from Akaku, Maui Community Television. Watch for these professional reports.