You know Ka’ono’ulu Street in North Kihei. It’s the unusual one, which runs between SKR and the Highway on the south edge of the Maui Lu resort. What makes it out of the ordinary is there are really no homes on its entire length. Yes there is the apartment complex across the street from the Maui Lu, but all the single homes have their backs to this street, mostly behind tall fences and walls. The fact that it is wide, with room for bicyclists, and sidewalks along much of it on both sides, let’s it fit into walkable/bikeable category. Not many of those in Kihei. Unfortunately, it also lends itself to many drivers taking the 20 MPH signs as a silly suggestion.

In the future it is proposed to become the makai end of the Kihei Upcountry Highway, if that ever gets erected. Also the extension of it for that highway was also supposed to divide the Pi’ilani Promenade, aka, Mega Malls, which seem to be on hold until owners return to HLUC this summer.

OK, so that is the present and potential future of this roadway, but how about the past, the history? Why was this roadway and the housing subdivision complex named Ka’ono’ulu? To get that answer, just head down to the Kihei Library 33 Waimahaihai – by the fire station- this Tuesday (2/11/14) by 6:00 PM. for a free presentation by Lucienne di Naie and KCA director Daniel Kanahele. The talk story session and slide show will examine the Ka’ono’ulu Ahupua’a, perhaps the single one left somewhat intact on Maui, partially due to the huge ranch with the same name, owned by the Rice family. For more call the library 875-6833.

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