While we might be the most active or best known, remember we are not the only KCA on this island.

3/10/16 #kihei This morning’s council meeting commenced with two “ceremonial resolutions” concerning the “Red Cross” and domestic violence, and both were well received.

Then Chair Mike White opened public testimony for three KCA guys, but not us; this was Kaupo Community Association, led by president Linda Clark. The trio spoke of an effort to take over the dormant Kaupo school for a community center

Then it was our turn. After voicing brief support for a donation of information and training on reduced pesticide use (go Autumn Ness!), especially in our county parks, as well as a Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (member Kelly King), we addressed a request for change of zoning from residential to commercial along makai SKR, which we see as harmful to Kihei. We have vast amounts of vacancy in numerous current commercial zoned locations; it’s counter productive to add more zoning for business and less for needed housing. Further, this vacant land just south of the Kihei Vet Clinic is subject to frequent flooding, has wetland areas visited by endangered Hawaiian Stilts, & of course would add even more traffic just south of the triple whammy traffic light choke point. Further, a two story commercial building violates the Community plan which limits this area to “residential scale “ building.

While the only action to be taken on this matter was to refer it to the Land Use Committee (LUC) for a future hearing, potentially expected to be scheduled possibly in the latter part of May or June, we felt it was important to alert our legislators to the situation. Additionally our Council member Kelly King suggested the LUC committee coordinate with us for a site visit meeting, and committee chair Bob Carroll agreed. We believe this is most important, so they are aware of the conditions in person, rather than look at pictures. As always, stay tuned.