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9/28/16- Yesterday afternoon, renowned alternative transportation health authority Mark Fenton offered a presentation to the Maui Planning Commission (MPC), and yes KCA was there. We know him from a prior visit to Maui nearly seven years ago, when he also presented to the MPC, but also found time to speak with KCA. (This time he worked with Wailuku C A)

Our long time walkable-bikeable community policy meshes with what Mark professes, see , and he too has been vouching for this for a long time. His positive upbeat manner comes through when he travels the county and addresses groups about the four elements to support “active “ transportation, mix of land uses (work-live zones, etc), greenway networks (interconnected bike trails and paths), SAFE access for all and proper site design.

We can only hope our county officials can learn and follow what he is showing is being done in countless mainland places & on some Hawaii Islands, and is clearly outlined in KMCP, our Community Plan from 1998..


It just requires political will.