We need to protect our sea creatures from man-made debris.

#kihei 2/15/17 Serendipitously with this morning’s front page Maui News featuring the heroic efforts of Ed Lyman, the Sanctuary’s whale entanglement response coordinator, SEE: https://gokihei.org/environment/a-hero-in-our-midst-right-here-on-maui, we encountered this segment of the dreaded matter along the shoreline in North Kihei. While this may not be large enough to entangle a whale, it could certainty distress a monk seal or a turtle. In addition it could become much larger back in the ocean.

Our futile efforts to move it away from the surf break were fortuitously enhanced by three very fit beach walkers, managing to drag it several yards mauka as an initial step.

Then what? Then we called the State DLN&R’s Marine Debris removal line, (808) 587-0405 to report all the relevant data to have it safely removed. They expect to be at the site by 2:00 PM this afternoon. Do you have that number in your phone?