7/30/19 #kihei

In 2018,  the Kihei Community Association trekked over to Oahu to examine a series of unusual housing developments aimed at lower-income and the houseless community.

Kelly King, then South Maui’s County council member, now currently chair of Maui County Council, organized the event. The KCA, along with several other entities, including Ka Hale A Ke Ola Exec. Monique Yamashita, explored four sites, looking for a solution for Maui’s own affordable home problem.  A most striking takeaway for the group was a portable sanitary station that could travel to any selected area.

In South Maui, there is no facility for Kihei residents who are not living in a home. There are two places in central Maui, and one on the West Side, but none in the Kihei area.  This vehicle with the portable sanitary station traveling around south Maui could offer those without a fixed living space or even temporary shelter. a chance for a “Clean Body* Fresh Start.”

But how do we get such a unit on Maui and ensure it services our district?  Ka Hale A Ke Ola Homeless Resource Centers, Inc (KHAKO)  partnered with now Chair King and a working group of volunteers to turn this idea into a reality. Lo and behold, it will be for real this year. The sanitation station unit will be shipped from the mainland in August,  and may possibly be on the road in Kihei in September. Details are being worked out now. Meanwhile residents can consider what the may be able to donate to supply the unit, such as soaps, shampoo and sanitary products for the trailer containing toilets and showers.

When we get word of a date for the blessing, it will be reported right here.