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UPDATE 3/11/15

So what IMG_0384happened ?

Our attempt to consider moving  the SMA boundary elicited a strong developer, builder contingent in opposition against just KCA, and unsurprisingly the PC voted unanimously against the proposal. Today the Maalaea dump is already reopened- see today’s Maui news for professional article on that outcome. But is was not a total loss, as the lack of sidewalks being included in the HDOT construction project really seemed to distress the commissioners, and we expect a lesson was learned to REQUIRE a need instead of suggesting or a recommendation. Further that are calling for HDOT to appear before the Commission at the next possible meeting to explain why they did not include sidewalks.  Will this mean then HDOT will eventually install sidewalks at the intersection. We have no doubt they will, but when?  Again, stay tuned.

3/10/15  Your Association addressed three issues of So Maui Concern

Shortly after 9:00 AM two KCA directors submitted Association concerns before the Commission.; relocating the Special Management Area (SMA) boundaries, failure to include sidewalks in intersection reconstruction in North Kihei, and the potential permanent closure of the construction material landfill near Maalaea.

Several months ago the topic of expanding the SMA boundaries in So Maui arose, as we examined all the actual and potential development mauka of the Pi’ilani Hwy (the present demarcation) The concept of the SMA is to protect the near shore kai environment, and as debris laden storm water rolls down hill, retaining the boundary at the highway, several decades after it was instituted, made little sense. So we wrote to the Department and the Commission requesting a hearing to consider this matter, and it was set at the request of Commissioner Wakida.

As we posted on the website last year, , we had questions when all four corners of the P Hwy and Ohukai were affected in a HDOT “traffic improvement” project, why no sidewalk installation was included. Upon further fact finding, we became aware that this very Planning Commission had recommended the Planning Dept. issue an SMA permit to HDOT for this project in 2012, , so apparently HDOT took it upon themselves to simply ignore that recommendation , when they put the construction job out to bid. As KCA reached out to officials about rectifying the wrong, it became apparent that the non profit, South Maui Citizens for Responsible Grown (SMCRG) was making a strong action effort for this same matter, we decided to step back and simply offer support while pursuing other needed items (There are always many more issues than we have time or resources to take on) SMCRG petitioned the Commission to examine this finding, and this item was placed on the same agenda, again requested by Commissioner Wakida, KCA supported the testimony offered by SMCRG to have sidewalks installed..

KCA by laws state our kuleana goes beyond Kihei to all of South Maui from Maalaea to Makena, and we had numerous objections over the years to the third item, the private dump in the Maalaea area. From long time burning tires, to dust and other air pollution and potential water pollution to the Wildlife sanctuary and the bay, we have long felt this permitted use was a poor selection in this area. So when serendipitously this third item was on the same agenda, consideration for permanent closure, we testified in agreement, along the the Maalaea Community Association..

Unfortunately we were unable to remain for the entire meeting to hear all the deliberations & discussion and hear the outcome, but stay tuned for an update.



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