UPDATE  12/29/20 THE KALAMA SKATEPARK in 2021?. Over a year ago in this original post we heard the skate ramps would ultimately be replaced. At this point we might expect constructed this summer. The $$ is in the current budget, & permit work is sloooowly advancing, so maybe we  see physical action this June.  Stay tuned

11/11/19 #kihei
Last Friday morning (11/8) we welcomed Director and long term employee of the County Parks & Recreation Department, Karla Peters. We were pleased that she readily agreed to come to our office in Kihei to answer a series of questions about various South Maui park lands and situations that affect them and our community.

She advised the Community gym will open next month. A sea-level rise study will dictate actions at our shoreline parks.

Hale Pi’ilani park (near the top of Kaiwahine) is now being irrigated.

The design work for the expansion of the community park will continue with expected funding in the next budget, regardless of progress (or lack of) building the collector road along the makai edge.

For Kalama Park, expect the playground shades construction to begin this January. In 2020 security cameras should be installed and hopefully a dedicated ranger established for this park to boost security. A partial reopening of the skate park is set for next month, but after several months of working to refurbish the existing ramps, they have decided they would be unsafe even with repair work so they will demolish them and ultimately replace them.

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