Communication 18-151 on agenda addresses the Kulanihakoi River Crossing

UPDATE 4/20/18 #Kihei   Reso passed Council 6-2 Yuki Lei and Mike White voted NO.  More detains later


4/16/18 #kihei
Do you know how many rivers exist in South Maui? Too often there are called gulches, but gulches are created over long time by flowing water, a part of the entire watershed, and it worked quite efficiently before humans screwed it up, causing flooding and ocean pollution. So let’s stop doing that.

The largest one is Kulanihakoi, and once it is makai of the Pi’ilani Highway, it runs between Kaonoulu and Kulanihakoi streets and reaches the kai just south of Kaonoulu. This is where South Kihei Road (SKR) so very often floods, as it did early this month when both Kaonoulu & SKR were again closed.

Last month we offered a perspective on this issue (SEE: which includes our history working on this situation, and our conclusion:  just drop in a prefab bridge at the original site and forget all these expensive, time consuming, culturally offensive, natural environment unfriendly, flood enhancing actions.

Now this Friday at 9 AM there is a resolution presenting both the Kula Makai Aha Moku’s and KCA’s concerns, asking that the Council examine this matter before allowing the Administration’s Department of Public Works to proceed to accept construction bids for structures that will only make matters worse. We hope they will take prudent action.

What do you think? Come add your testimony on Friday!