UPDATE 8/26/20  Affordable Housing (AH) Committee approved project to go forward this afternoon.  We had two of the three testifiers who spoke in support of the project but requested modifications and or conditions. After the presentation by the development team and much deliberation, the nine member committee approved the project about 5:00 PM. It still requires final approval of the full Council, but of course this is the same nine elected officials, so no change is expected. 

UPDATE  1/14/20 This afternoon the development team for Liloa Hale Senior Housing had expanded to six on a revisit to the KCA DRC to address our concerns on this project, and offer some additional information. We welcome their continued early consultation with KCA, and their forthcoming positive spirit, as KCA DRC was full of questions & comments.


Mohannad H. Mohanna, Highridge Costa President

Ashley Otomo, Engineer

Mark Roy, Munekiyo Hiraga planner











Spending well over an hour at the KCA office they offered some updated somewhat conceptual visuals. They maintained that they saw no way to reduce the parking lot size, as they needed to provide a parking spot for each of the 150 unit residents, where they expected would  mostly be occupied by a singe occupant. Further while they agreed this would be the only 4 story building on the Pi’ilani Hwy, they believed it was the most practical structure for affordable senior housing.








They did advise they would have “curb, gutter, sidewalk” fronting the entire length of the project along Liloa, which we see as a very positive step. Unfortunately, this segment of Liloa is one of many stubs on the greatly needed North South Collector Road. This one dead ends at a barricade on the southern end as the remaining roadway corridor is apparently privately owned!!










Once again the committee will discuss the update & send a written communication to the development team shortly.




11/12/19 #kihei
Yesterday afternoon a three person team met with the KCA Design Review Committee (DRC) to inform about a proposed 100% senior affordable rental project in South Kihei. The Liloa Hale project is a cooperative effort between Hale Mahaolu and Highridge Costa out of Gardena, CA and facilitated by planners Munekiyo Hiraga.

The 150 unit 100% affordable senior rental project, all contained in one 4-story building, would be constructed on Liloa just south of Welakahao. which currently is a dead end segment of the North South Connector Road. The only current access is from Welakahao for the two existing facilities: Hope Chapel and Hale Mahaolu. If approved, they could begin construction before the end of 2020 with potential move in by 2022.

We are most appreciative they came to KCA early in the process. We will be advising them with our comments hopefully this week.