UPDATE  9/15/20


South Maui and Kahului Contests Featured

 For the next two months we will have forums for four more council races 9/15 and 10/20 both at the usual 6:30 PM and the entire community, 
not just KCA members have the opportunity to watch and listen to all eight candidates.
HOW CAN YOU PARTICIPATE?   NOT ON ZOOM! Only the four participating candidates and a very limited volunteer support team from KCA are on Zoom, but you have plenty of ways.  
Akaku, Maui Community Media, will broadcast live on their TV CH 54, Not near a TV? You can view it on Akaku.org live program feature, also on Ch 54
 FACEBOOK You can utilize this even if you do not have a Facebook account of you own  Just click on this link at 630 PM: .
and you can view the forum from there 


Kelly King (image: mauicounty.us)

Tasha Kama (image: maui countycouncil.us)

Carol Lee Kamakona (image: Facebook)

Thomas Cook (image: mauiconstruction.org)




















8/09/20 #kihei

Results from the primary elections, going on to the general elections

District 11 (South Maui) State House

Wildberger (D)

Greenberg (A)


County Council

West Maui: Paltin and Nava

Kahului: Kama and Kamekona

Makawao: Molina and Eyre

Lanai: Johnson and De Jetley


US Congress Representative Dist II

Kahele (D)

Tippens (L)

Giuffre (AS)

Hoomanawanui (A)

Akana (R)

Burrus (N)



Akina, Ahuna, Alapa and Lindsey


These results from yesterday’s primary election mostly set up final decisions to be made in the general elections on November 3. We will have seven Council decisions, as two spots have no opposition. But those seven County Councils races now have been reduced to just 2 candidates each. KCA plans to have two more candidate forums, 9/15 and 10/20, with each covering two council races. Thus our goal is to look and listen to candidates in five of the seven contested races. We hope another entity will cover the other two.

As for the state partisan contests like District 11 for State House; while it is not officially pau, most pundits doubt the Aloha Aina candidate will defeat the Democratic winner. But pundits have been wrong – check the White House. Better VOTE, no matter who you support! You are registered right?

If NOT and you blew the primary, do not compound the misstep.